Andreas Writing

  1. Peopleware Leaders of software developer teams should care more about sociology.
  2. Crossing the Chasm The book describes the dangerous transition from early adopters to an early majority market
  3. Wardley Maps A book which presents a map visualization for business strategy
  4. One Letter Programming Languages If you are looking for a free name, there is none.
  5. Accidentally Turing-Complete A list of things that were not supposed to be Turing-complete, but are.
  6. No real numbers Interactive article about the pitfalls of integer and floating point arithmetic.
  7. How to do hermetic builds Bazel does surprisingly little and it could be easily ported
  8. Pondering a Monorepo Version Control System How a VCS designed for monorepos would look like and why I don't build it.
  9. TLA+ is easier than I thought Did a small exercise with TLA+, an easy model checker.
  10. Mindstorms A book about a revolution of education which sadly never happened.
  11. Sacrifice of Scar Short Lion King fanfic
  12. Definitions of Software Architecture Software architecture documents the shared understanding of a software system.
  13. Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows Book review: A shallow introduction to Systems Thinking.
  14. Should version control and build systems merge? At scale version control and build system seem to merge but there is no unified tool available yet.
  15. Companies are AI Depending on the definition of intelligence, companies are intelligent beings.
  16. What is ASPICE? The automotive industry knows how to develop software as demonstrated by ASPICE.
  17. C++ State Machines Avoid input parameters so state machines transitions are decoupled from transition effects.
  18. TipiWiki (2003) More than 15 years ago I published a little wiki software.
  19. The New Economics A book review which is about system thinking, statistics, learning, and psychology.
  20. Deriving Story Points Story points are a useful technique to improve prediction but they have limits because the lack in statistics.
  21. The Spartan Web Defining a label for websites I like to visit and would like to see more of.
  22. Waterfall The "Waterfall" methodology was a historic accident and they knew it.
  23. Dependency Abstraction A design pattern which generalizes Dependency Inversion and can also be applied on an architectural level.
  24. Model View Controller isn't Maybe the most misunderstood design pattern.
  25. How to implement strings There are many alternatives to C strings. Here we explore the design space.
  26. Advice for a Junior Software Developer Random wise words like "Never assume anybody is stupid".
  27. The Cost of Agile Agile improves time to market at the cost of process efficiency
  28. My Raspberry Pi RF ID music player My electronics for the kids music player are complete and working.
  29. Using an M302 RF ID Reader with Linux How to get a cheap RF ID reader running with Ubuntu and Python
  30. My Linux History I'm now using a Linux desktop for twenty years
  31. Lambda interpreter in the way of GOD Good Object-oriented Design (GOD) says to avoid instanceof. Here is how to implement pattern matching another way.
  32. Abstracting is NOT about Names You can abstract without giving names: The Design by Introspection technique
  33. Precise Abstractions Precise abstractions apply to exactly the right types and D allows to check for that.
  34. Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology. It might also be replaced quite soon.
  35. 6 Wildly Different Presentation Styles A list of various presentations styles with and without slides
  36. Forget about Leaky Abstractions If an abstraction is not perfect for you, it is incomplete or unsuitable
  37. How to generate Lua boilerplate with D Lua bindings require lots of pushes and pops, but with D they are magically implicit
  38. Cognitive Dissonance as a Method How populism turns people into xenophobic fascists
  39. Slide design for graphically-challenged people Black on white, left align, one font for text, one font for code, fullscreen images.
  40. Federation is the Future for an Open Web P2P technology is doomed on mobile. For a democratic web, we need to work on federation.
  41. Great Teams require Psychological Safety Create great teams in 5 steps. Google collected lots of data about productivity in teams and these are the results.
  42. Memory Consistency Models for Programming Languages The general memory consistency model is "Sequential Consistency for data race free programs". The rest is details.
  43. Hacker Titles for Business Cards pointer arithmetician, languagician, object orienter, ...