Andreas reviews books

  1. The Secret of Apollo (review) The best history book on systems management
  2. Agile! The Good, the Hype and the Ugly (review) The one book which provides a balanced assessment of Agile.
  3. Six Simple Rules (review) A book about improving organizations without introducing more rules or changing mindsets.
  4. Influence (review) Humans rely on mental shortcuts and that is exploited.
  5. Made to Stick (review) Sticky ideas are simple, unexpected, concrete, credentialed, emotional, and a story.
  6. The Culture Code (review) Grow an effective team through building safety, sharing vulnerability, and establishing purpose.
  7. The Heart of Change (review) Change initiatives succeed in stages building on each other.
  8. Turn the Ship Around! (review) The best book about empowerment. Turns a submarine from worst to best.
  9. Switch (review) How to change things when change is hard
  10. Peopleware (review) Leaders of software developer teams should care more about sociology.
  11. Crossing the Chasm (review) The book describes the dangerous transition from early adopters to an early majority market
  12. Wardley Maps (review) A book which presents a map visualization for business strategy
  13. Mindstorms (review) A book about a revolution of education which sadly never happened.
  14. Thinking in Systems (review) A shallow introduction to Systems Thinking.
  15. The New Economics (review) A book about system thinking, statistics, learning, and psychology.