I just submitted my PhD thesis, but instead of knowledge, I want to build some useable software next. So, I am open for job offers. Does the following sound like your company?

Your company is interested in PhDs.

Maybe you work at the frontier of knowledge and technology. You need someone who can read academic papers and implement them into useable software. I did that within the cparser/libFirm compiler.

Maybe you need a self-reliant senior developer who proactively pursues goals. To get a PhD, you have to create original scientific work on your own. Admittedly, the technical skills may differ.

You need people for high-performance stuff. Maybe you need someone with experience in compilers and assembly or parallel and concurrent programming. This describes my PhD topic, but even in my free time, I love to optimize things.

You need someone capable of working within and across teams.

In the research project I worked in, I closely collaborated with people of many nationalities, various institutes in three universities, building an integrated working prototype. The research is interdisciplinary with people who synthesize hardware on FPGAs, some who optimize memory-bound stencil algorithms, and some who write an operating system with aspect-oriented C++.

In the last years, I volunteered in my church, in the kindergarten of my kids, and in my doctoral convent. I gave talks at academic and industry conferences and maintained a blog. I know the importance and challenge of communication and team building.

Your company is family-friendly. I like to have dinner at home with my family.

You work on things that will change the world in the next decade. One example would be self-driving autonomous cars or drones. Other hot topics are: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, flying to Mars, and augmented reality. Maybe your topic is not flashy but still disruptive, like email or batteries. I want to help to make the world a better place.

You use next-generation programming languages like D or Rust. While I see value in using stable and proven technology, there is also value in living the future.

You are in Karlsruhe, Germany, or at least in southern Germany.

Contact me via email: zwinkau@mailbox.org