In general, I love to give talks. If you have an opportunity, then contact me. This is a list of some of my talks.

Abstractions: From C to D

Abstraction is about hiding the irrelevant to focus on the relevant. A master in the art of abstraction will find the right balance between the over-engineered swiss army knife and the tedious boilerplate. This talk starts at common ground for many people: The C programming language. Then we explore more powerful techniques of abstraction enabled by the D programming language with its unique meta programming techniques.

On 2017-09-05, I gave this talk about magic, abstractions, and D at the TopConf in Düsseldorf. See slides as OpenDocument or exported pdf. On 2018-01-10, I presented it (slightly extended) at the C++ User Group in Karlsruhe.

Functional Programming in D

On 2015-08-19, I gave a talk about this at the Functional Programming User Group Karlsruhe. See slides as OpenDocument or exported pdf.

Malleable Invasive Applications

Presented my publication Malleable Invasive Applications at ATPS 2015 in Dresden.

SSA-Based Register Allocation with PBQP

Presented my publication SSA-Based Register Allocation with PBQP at the CC 2011.