Here I make some prediction about our life five years from now. I'm not more qualified than anybody else, so this is primarily for entertainment.

Self-driving Cars

They are entering our world slowly. In five years, they have carved out some niches. At least one public transport experiment (bus,tram,train,etc) has started. Trucks have an autopilot, so drivers don't have to stop and sleep every few hours. You still want a driver per convoy to handle loading and repairs, but substantially less of them. Pallet transporters and other vehicles for contained areas are increasingly autonomous. Uber experiments with autonomous taxis. Luxury cars from BMW, Audi, etc can park itself, prevent their drivers from crashing into anything, and other small conveniences. However, a completely autonomous car is not available for the general public yet. Car sharing is still growing and slowly merges with the taxi sector.


Smart watches failed to create a significant market. Like smart glasses, they are fancy gadgets but not mass consumer products. Likewise, quadcopters and similar flying drones are not a common sight. Additional experimental products are released like smart jewelery, smart hats, or smart rings.

Cheap fitness armbands are a common gadget, if only to signal "I exercise". First experiments for using them in hospitals are ongoing.

Smart phones have nearly stopped to advance. The world is still divided into iOS and Android.

Battery is still a problem.

The Internet of Things materializes as more and more devices are connected to the internet. However, various technical problems (security incidents, broken on disconnect, etc) let the masses hesitate to adopt.

More virtual reality games and porn. Hollywood experiments with VR movies.


Ever more internet services and startups hype their AI technology. It becomes a meaningless buzzword. Philosophical discussions about sentience and conscience are as fruitless as today.

World Politics

IS has collapsed, but Syria is largely destroyed. Terrorism is still a problem in the region. Maybe another "evil muslim regime" has materialized already.

Poverty, diseases, and education continue to improve world wide.


3D printing is increasingly used in the industry and shops, but it is not a private household item.

Legal marijuana is discussed in more states and countries, as US precedent shows promising results.

E-sports are growing. Maybe we see some pros as guests in talk shows and some big games in TV.

Intel or ARM announce some FPGA-on-chip like experiment.

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