Guy-Philippe Goldstein held a talk at TEDxParis in 2010 about Cyberwar.

The interesting thesis behind his talk goes like this: There are defensive and offensive technologies. During times, where defensive technologies were strong, the world lived relatively peaceful. In contrast, offensive technologies increase acts of war.

His example were:

  1. Fortification favors defense. Countries with excelled at fortification, could prosper in peace. Europe for example was quite peaceful in 1650-1750.
  2. Nuclear weapons also favor defense, since an attack would surely result in the destruction of both opponents. There was (only) the cold war between CCCP and USA between 1960-1990.
  3. Tanks favor offense, which enables the Blitzkrieg, which sparked the second world war.

So how can we classify cyber weapons?

This means a pre-emptive attack is the best strategy.

We can already see military forces planing for such scenarios. Does this mean we enter a new age of instability threatening our relatively peaceful western world?

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